"Take the leap of faith into a
Promising Future"


Are you tired of the whole notion of 9-5? What about always taking constant orders? How about handing assignments in on specific deadlines? These are JOBS of the past! We are here to provide you with a career like no other. We want you to be successful not for the short-term. We are not providing you with a contract position either. This is a chance that will allow you to enable to give yourself financial freedom you have always been looking for.

Sarketer was born on the basis of a model that would allow sales and marketing to coincide with Information Technology. With a combination of industries it is the power punch to the new era of collaboration. If you're someone passionate about delivering sales in a manner that it was supposed to be. We are not looking for sales representatives. We are looking for individuals who see sales as an art and that they are making others' lives efficient. We need individuals who see Marketing as more of creating an experience for clients. They want to make sure clients are able to bring the online world to the client in a way that it speaks volumes. Most importantly to make the latter two be effective you must have a desire to deliver information technology to everyone. You must feel it is your duty with this great tool you want to bring change in this world. Ultimately Sarketer wants to bring to the business world what no other firm has. This is making sure that every enterprise is enabled itself to operate online efficiently.

Role and Responsibilities:

Position - Territory Reseller

  • Manages day-to-day relationship with customer by developing a high value-add relationship with key contact/buyer
  • Operate within Sarketers Territory Reseller guidelines
  • Conduct sufficient sales calls (minimum five plus per day).
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of client's range of products and a strong knowledge of competitor offerings.
  • Ensure a working knowledge of MS Office applications
  • Ensure that all business actions are followed up promptly and diligently
  • Ensure that all necessary paperwork and e-mails are provided for every quotation sent.
  • Identifies short-term and long-term sales retention and penetration opportunities
  • Coordinates account servicing and fulfillment with support from Customer Service
  • Increase market share within portfolio of accounts through penetration of Line of Business and reactivating inactive accounts Business relationships and interactions
  • Internal communications - sales associates and customer care
  • External communication - customers